Beiro 3 Kiln

Excavated by Manuel Sotomayor Muro

Beiro 3 Kiln during its excavation (Photography: Manuel Sotomayor)

Model made by the students of the Archeology Degree of the UGR and Alexis Maldonado Ruiz

A kiln with a quadrangular ground plan and a very similar structure to the Beiro 1 Kiln. The firing structure is divided in the middle by an intermediate wall that served as a support for the four twin arches that hold up the grid, which is almost completely preserved (it is estimated to have a total of 80 orifices). According to Sotomayor’s description, when it was excavated it was still possible to see the fingerprints left by the workers as they applied the fresh clay to the grid during its construction.

The praefurnium was covered by an adobe brick vault and the walls were lined with bricks up to medium height.


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